Influence Search lets you find and rank the people, brands and media that most influence a target audience on Instagram, Twitter or YouTube. Use cases include:

  • Market research. Find and rank brands, products and services best able to influence consumers in different locations, age and income groups.
  • PR professionals. Leverage PR contact databases to reveal media and specific journalists best able to reach a client's target demographic.
  • Political campaigns. Identify candidates and grass roots advocates best able to influence key demographics in a social media campaign.
  • Talent agents. Find and rank musicians, entertainers, actors and sports celebrities that best match target demographics for events and sponsors.
  • Marketing platforms. Search custom lists of creators, advocates and influencers to rank those best able to reach any given target demographic.

In each case, we offer several ways to define a target audience: using demographics (age, gender, income, location etc.); set as people tweeting a hashtag or keyword, or defined as the followers of one or more Instagram or Twitter accounts.

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