Use our demographics and psychographics to tailor ideal target audiences for your Twitter Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts campaigns. Benefits include:

  • Precise targeting. Tailor your target audience precisely by gender, age, marital status, parental status, personal income, occupation, location by country, state and city, likes, interests and brand affinities.
  • Efficient ad spend. Significantly reduce per engagement spend on people who fall outside your target market. Tailoring an audience helps avoid purchasing new followers who are ultimately poor prospects for your brand.
  • Privacy compliance. Our solution generates a list of people who satisfy your specified demographic criteria, and lets you use this as a Tailored Audience for your campaign, without revealing the identities of individuals on the list.
  • Platform flexibility. Tailored Audiences generated for your campaigns can be used directly with Twitter, or with Twitter ad partners (including AdParlor, Brand Networks, SHIFT, SocialCode and Unified).

Tailor an ideal Target Audience for your Ad Campaign

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